Chloroquine and cancer stem cells

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    Chloroquine and cancer stem cells

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    Chloroquine Targets Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cells via Inhibition of CXCR4 and Hedgehog Signaling Article PDF Available in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 137 April 2014 with 251 Reads Triple negative breast cancer TNBC is known to contain a high percentage of CD44+ /CD24-/low cancer stem cells CSCs, corresponding with a poor prognosis despite systemic chemotherapy. Chloroquine CQ, an antimalarial drug, is a lysotropic reagent which inhibits autophagy. The cancer cells in the study ended up being highly sensitized to some of these agents, for example Vitamin C 4-10 x more sensitive, Berberine and Chloroquine. It's noteworthy that, following Docycycline treatment, cells became sensitive to Vitamin C at a dosage level which is reachable orally IC-50 = within the range of 100uM - 250 uM.

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    Chloroquine and cancer stem cells

    Chloroquine in Cancer Therapy A Double-Edged Sword of., Chloroquine eliminates cancer stem cells through deregulation of Jak2.

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  5. Citation Format Dong Soon Choi, Elvin Blanco, Sergio M. Granados-Principal, Bhuvanesh Dave, Melissa Landis, Helen Wong, Jenny Chang. Chloroquine inhibits cancer stem cells in triple negative breast cancer via regulation of DNA methylation. abstract.

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    Because autophagy seems to contribute to promote cancer, chloroquine may sensitize cancer cells through inhibiting autophagy. The dosage of chloroquine usually ranges between 100 and 500 mg/day. Side effects are minimal at low doses, while many more toxic effects occur at higher doses, such as visual disturbances, gastrointestinal upset, electrocardiographic changes, headache, and pruritus. Autophagy and mitophagy are deregulated in many types of cancer stem cells CSCs. Although there is yet to be discovered, both autophagy and mitophagy are able to regulate different steps of CSCs. Chloroquine targets pancreatic cancer stem cells via inhibition of CXCR4 and hedgehog signaling. Balic A1, Sørensen MD2, Trabulo SM3, Sainz B Jr1, Cioffi M1, Vieira CR1, Miranda-Lorenzo I1, Hidalgo M4, Kleeff J5, Erkan M5, Heeschen C6.

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